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Air Handling



Role of the compensators is to equalize the motions between the joining points and gas pipes. Motions are caused by either the thermal expansion of the pipe or vibration of the equipment.
As a solution for this matter our firm offers woven and metal compensators of every size and performance.
Our heat resistant compensators can be applied for nearly all industries -up to max. 1000 °C

When choosing compensator important point of view is the space available, the way of fixing and building-in, gas temperature, and parameters of the agent to be conveyed.

Our technicians help our present and future clients' work by on-site inspection and consultation.
In sake of attending entirely our clients our service team undertakes the complete building-in.

Main industrial applications:

- power plants, furnace equipment, flue gas desulphurization equipment, gas-turbines, nuclear power plants, incinerators, cement plants, etc.

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