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Liquid Filtration

Belt filter presses

Belt filter presses

Belt filter press mainly used in environmental protection process for dewatering the slurry.
Part of the collateral drainage of industrial procedures is driven back to the system for recycling -to save expenses- the rest of the sewage water is released in the channel.

Since the sludge of every industry has different parameters - dry solid content, particle size, PH value - therefore the raised requirements against the material of belt filter presses can be different.

Wide range of Clear-Edge's products enables the adjustment to any specific application.
In order to always achieve the required dry solid content combined with proper filtering efficiency, belt filter presses of Clear-Edge available made of thread of different diameters and in different weave constructions. Their standard width generally adjusted to the sizes of equipment used in the specific industry, hereby economic ready-making can be gained where minimal waste material arouses. Also many well known foreign machine manufacturer put their equipment to the market with filter belts made by Clear-Edge.

Endless joining of the belts are made by steel or plastic fasteners of different sizes, what we do in our own workshop.

Clippers are fixes with special synthetic resin in order to achieve longer service life. Special sealing and stabilizing substance is put on the belt's edge lengthwise, which also extend lifetime.

Our belts are operating throughout the country in chemical-, food industry, metallurgy and chipboard manufacturing. Besides sludge water treatment we turn over drying, sterilizing and paper-making - so called spiral belts.

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