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Laundry textiles

Laundry textiles

In the scope of laundry textiles our firm turns over products made of high quality German raw material, which can be used for any type of machine.

Felts for ironers which are elemental parts of the ironing machine, exist in various types.

The most often used and requested types are polyester, nomex/polyester and nomex, but there are other qualities also in the range of our products.

The different types of ironers have rolls with different width and diameter therefore also the felts exist in different standard width, which will be delivered cut in the requested size, adjusted to the clients' needs in every case.

Besides felts, we are at present and future clients' disposal with wide range of accessories for laundry products, which are the following:

Drying belt

Has the same role as felts for ironers, recommended in case of smaller ironer.

Feeding belts

In different width and length, endless joining with sewing or with clippers, generally made of 100% polyester.

Folder banding

In the sake of different working conditions and expectations these bands exist in different quality – cotton, with rubber yarn on working face, grey rubber banding, antistatic cotton, green rubber banding – and width. The most frequent quality from these is cotton banding. 

Guide tapes

Marked out for ensuring the material is passing properly. It is made of 100% polyester, polyester/nomex, and 100% nomex fabric. In general there are 400 linear meters of tape on one reel in the width of 13 or 15 mm.

Apart from the above mentioned accessories we intend to fulfill demands of all of our clients by turning over cleaning cloth for beds, cloths for spreading lubricating wax, antistatic lubricating vax, stainless-steel fasteners.

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