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Sieve clothes and milling accessories

Sieve clothes and milling accessories

As the sole representative in Hungary of Clear-Edge GmbH Germany we are at our client's disposal with wide range of sieve cloths of high quality.

Monodur sieve cloths turned over by our firm equally meet the requirements of various industries (e.g.: chemical industry, fishery, well-drilling) and milling industry by optimal effect and maximum lifespan. 

There are two groups of Monodur sieve cloths. Based on their raw material:

  • polyamide (most frequent)
  • polyester
  • polyethylene
  • polypropylene

Based on their strength can be divided into the following groups:

MONODUR PA light: Made of threads of small diameter, therefore they are applied where the mechanical impact is low, but high permeability is needed. E.g. (blood, oil)

MONODUR PA normal: Most frequently used, which ensures excellent resistance to abrasion and long lifespan.

MONODUR PA heavy duty: Strongly abrasive products (feed, mineral, salt, abrasive dust, debris) make great demand on the fabric, consequently this kind of material has been developed. Monofilament threads of great diameter ensure proper lifespan.

We are at our clients' disposal with full range of width of MONODUR sieve cloths, available from stock.

The most two important courses in milling industry are grinding and detachment. For these applications our firm offers wide range of sieve cloths and accessories for milling industry. 
We try to suit the requirements of our clients by producing and turning over accessories widely used in milling industry(e.g.: conjunctive sleeve, stretched cover for semolina producing machine, sieve cleaner, rubber ball, portable bag closer, sewing thread).

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