EM-TEK Ltd. – for clean environment since 1993

Em-tek Ltd. has reached significant success in sphere of air filtration tecnology, liquid filtration, laundry textiles, woven mesh, milling accessories since it was established in 1993. Also gained leading position in many of them which is proven by its referecies.

EM-TEK Kft. has reached significant success since its establishment regarding producing and turning over air filters, liquid filters, sieve cloths, milling accessories and laundry textiles. On certain fields of activity our firm has gained leading position, which is justified by its references.

Our firm was established in 1993 from exclusively private capital whose activity was export-import at the beginning. Then the firm was continuously developing, growing adjusting to the changing demands of the market. This was represented mainly by extension of field of activity.

Year 1996 was a turning –point, since when our firm has been operating under the name of EM-TEK Industrial and Commercial Ltd. Besides wholesale we started production of filter bags used in dust collector equipment. During the past years sectors of our production has been extended with liquid filters, filter belts and ready-made sewing of textile products for various industrial equipment.

As a corollary to adjusting to the changes in the market and measuring up to the challenges in May of 2004 a new building with offices and warehouse was transferred in Győrújbarát industrial site, which is easy to approach.

After having mapped domestic opportunities in 2005 our firm started expansion to foreign primarily Eastern European markets. As a result we established first a Slovakian and then in 2007 a Romanian representative. A corollary to fast expansion of Romanian market in 2009 we established an own firm called SC Ecofiltration S.R.L.

Basic target of our firm is to meet the growing demands of the market and the more and more stricter environmental regulations with requirements of our clients in view.