Envi-Filter filter elements

(filter cartridges, panelfilters)

Envi Filter is a European air filter producer specializing in crafting dust filters for various dust collectors. After many years of collaboration we are now their sole representative in Hungary and with nearly 30 years of experience in filter manufacturing, together we endeavor to offer expert solutions, emphasizing the commitment to quality in every product. Their production processes are adaptable to both small and large requests, offering a diverse selection of dust filters for various types of dust collectors. Dust filters play a crucial role in various industries.

At Envi Filter, they offer a broad range of products, including cartridges for dust collection and filters for gas turbines. Their filters find applications in various industries such as metalworking, chemical plants, pharmaceuticals, and food processing and ensure critical air purity and hygiene. Steel mills and plastic production facilities rely on them for effective dust collection and air quality management. Their expertise also extends to pneumatic transport systems, adeptly handling particulates and air quality challenges. Envi Filter is offering a diverse selection of dust filters for various types of dust collectors. With filter lengths ranging from 100 mm to 2000 mm, their characteristic is to meet the needs of a wide clientele.

Envi Filter’s solutions address diverse industrial needs, whether managing fine dust or specific air contaminants. From standard to unique, tailor made designs their filters are made to ensure the best possible air filtration efficiency even in your plant. Envi Filter is comitted to deliver also unique designed filters produced upon clients’ specifications. Filters are made from even Cellulose/Polyester mixture, with or without fire retardant treatment, as well as innovative coatings such as PTFE or nano (PTFE membrane) layers for higher performance. At Envi Filter, they prioritize quality as a fundamental aspect, aiming to be a reliable partner for industries seeking optimal air quality. All these  with products with good value for money.