Fans are used in many fields, such as cooling, dust extraction, transportation, We are the sole representative of Konrad Reitz Ventilator GmbH in Germany (IDE MAJD REITZ LOGO IS!!!) and our company offer fans for these application. They are mainly centrifugal fans with single inlet design but of course double inlet design is available on demand . Our fans can be ordered in 5 different types of mounting, housing with or without motor. Fans can be used between 500 and 3100 Pa pressure and -10 – +80 °C temperature range as standard design. However modern production technology and many years of professional experience enable to manufacture fans with higher capacity for also extreme operating circumstances (e.g. high flue gas temperature, aggressive and abrasive dust etc.) Our colleges are at customers’ disposal with their professional knowledge and product catalogue to choose the right fan for he task in hand.