Mühlen Sohn

Our company is the sole representative of Mühlen & Sohn GmbH in Germany. Fluidizing fabrics  are used for the transportation of powder or granulated bulk materials all over the world. There are virtually no limits to how they can be used. Our fabrics ensure fast, trouble-free air slide transportation, rapid and total discharge of silos, trucks, railway wagons and vessels. Available in roll good or in cut to measure.

Fields of application:

✓ cement
✓ limestone and gypsum
✓ aluminum
waste incinerator


✓ long service life
✓ shorter shut down period
✓ high abrasion resistance
✓ smooth and slidable surface
✓ dimension stability
✓ high tensile strength
✓ self cleaning

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Discharging cone:

Helps homogenization and loosening of powder bulk materials in cement carriers, silo trucks and wagoons during transportation and storage so as discharging will be easier and faster.