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Air Handling



Fans are applied in many kinds of industries, mainly for cooling, dust exhaust, conveying and ventilation. For these applications we offer the products of German Konrad Reitz Ventilator GmbH as their sole executive in Hungary.

 Fans manufactured by this German company are built mainly in centrifugal, sucking from one side construction, but of course sucking from two side construction is also available on demand.

 Our fans can be ordered in 5 different types of installation, different position of housing, with or without motor.

 Fans in standard execution can be applied at pressure from 500 – up to 31.000 Pa and temperature from -10 up to +80 °C. However modern manufacturing technology and ten years of professional experience enable to manufacture fans also with bigger discharge for different extreme operating conditions (e.g. high flue gas temperature, aggressive and abrasive dust, etc.).

Our colleagues are at your disposal with their professional knowledge and complete catalogue to choose the proper fan.

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