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Air Handling

Filter Bags

Filter Bags

The most widely applied group of products of EM-TEK Kft. are those filter bags that we produce for nearly all industrial sector. Our clients expect from us to recommend them the most appropriate filter media for the given application, therefore we chose our raw material supplier by their steady, reliable quality. The more and more strict environmental regulations have made it necessary to apply filter media widely and there is the opportunity to select the most proper one after our operational questionnaire having been filled in. Through our raw material supplier of whom we are sole representative we follow up the developing of the filtration technical market and we constantly inform our clients about novelties. Technical preparedness of our sewing workshop in Győr allows of production of large series filter bags as well as unique, difficult pieces. Analysis in our laboratory helps to estimate the expected service life of filter bags or ascertain the probable cause of their damages, about every investigation testing report is made. We also keep in stock fluorescent pigments which is used for examining sealing of filter bags or possible leakage and we submit it in requested quantity. As a part of our complete service our technician team contributes to economical operation with on site inspection, consulting or replacing whole set of filter bags if required.

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