Filter bags

The most widely used products of EM-TEK Ltd. are filter bags produced in its own sewing workshop for almost all kinds of industry.  Our clients expect us to propose them the most proper filtration solution, therefore we have chosen our raw material suppliers based on their constant high quality and reliability. Due to the increasingly stringent environmental protection rules the use of filter materials of wide range are vital. Based on our filled filter questionnaire by our client  we are ready to choose the best material for that specific application. Through those suppliers we have sole representative rights with we follow up the developing of filtration market and constantly update our clients about the novelties. Our production plant with high technology located in Győr enables to manufacture filter bags with either unique and complicated design or filter bags in big series. Our laboratory where used filter bags can be investigated helps to predict the residual service life of the bags or even reveal the source of its damages. We of course comply a lab analysis report. Fluorescent powder -which helps to reveal possible leakage on the bags- kept in stock and supplied in the requested quantity on demand. Our service team provides on-site survey, technical counselling or entire installation work with filter bag replacement on demand thus we contribute to a more economic operation.