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Air Handling

Air filtration

Air filtration

Our firm has been being on Hungarian market for many years as turning over air filters with ISO qualification.

1. Filter media

Filter media (depending on type) can be applied in air filtering equipment, polish shop for fine or coarse filtering. Our firm is at our clients' disposal with different type of filter media (G1, G2, G4, F5, R, „GÜ”, F500 „S”) cut in the requested size.

2. Bag filter

Can be applied in any type of air filtering equipment for fine filtering e.g. industries, laboratories, conference halls, hotels, offices, etc. .It is put into the market in different types (EU-3 – EU-8) and sizes.

3. Panel filter

Panel filters can be divided into two groups. There are superficial magnified and flat panel filter, which can be applied in any type of ventilation unit. We turn over the superficial magnified panel filter (EU-3 – EU-5) in wide range of sizes. The pleated performance ensures greater filtering surface, which leads to high efficacy and long service life. We produce filters with paper and metal frame. Paper framed filter can be used once only, while metal framed is changeable.

By flat panel filters (EU-2, EU-3) the filter media is made up of endless glass or synthetic filament. The entrance side is consists of open structured coarse filament, at the clean air side structure is more closed and fibers are finer.

4. Compact filter

Compact filters (EU-6, EU-7, EU-9) are applied when there are high demands for air conveying or filter should have long service life. For example: power plants, gas turbines, hospitals, laboratories etc.

5. Cell panel filter

Cellular panel filters are ideal in cases when there are not enough space for   bag filter or compact filter. Main applications: air conditioning systems, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, hospitals, laboratories.

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