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Liquid Filtration

Frame filter presses

Frame filter presses

The frame type filter presses are generally used for detaching solid particles from dilute sludge, liquid. 

Their advantage is the possibility of detaching relatively small particles (1 μ) with high efficacy.

Three types are available: chamber, frame, membrane filter presses.

These equipments can be found in more industries: paint-making, sugar industry, ceramics-making, pigment -making. Frame press filters besides industry plays important role in environmental technology as well.

In range of products of Clear-Edge many variation can be found for these types of machines.
Our filter clothes have to meet various demands depending on application. In order to achieve this, team of Clear-Edge finds solution for any problem arisen.

  • In order to obtain the requested filtration efficiency, the combination of way of weave, thread thickness, density is adopted.
  • Exaggerated PH rate occasionally accompanied with extreme temperature, therefore our filter clothes are made of various heat resistant fibers (PES, PA, PP, NX)
  • Towards right cake release raw filter material is glazed, calandered or monofilaments are woven among multifilaments.
  • Avoiding shrinkage caused by high temperature raw material is heat set.
  • Ready made filter clothes are treated with a special two-component polyurethane substrate in the sake of adequate sealing.

During operation filter clothes may move on the frame and strain occurs at the neck which is eased by the flexibility of its special material. 

We buy the raw material in rolls then ready made goods are produced in our sewing workshop. Consequently we are at our client's disposal with products satisfying their requirements in point of size and performance. 

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