Frame filter presses, filter cloth

Frame filter presses are used to extract solid particles from the slurry. Their advantage is the ability to filter relatively small particles (1 μ) with high efficiency. These are applied in more industries such as paint-, sugar-, food industry, galvanization, ceramic industry, pigment production. Moreover frame filter presence plays a significant role in environmental technology.

Of course in the range of Clear Edge’s products we can find many variation for these types of machines. Our filter materials have to meet different requirements depending on the task in hand. In order to achieve this team of Clear Edge finds solution tor any issue arisen.

– Obtaining the desired filtration efficiency, appropriate combination of weaving construction, thread thickness and density is applied

– Sometimes exaggerated PH value is associated with extreme temperature and coping with this we offer different materials made from PES, PA, PP, NX fibers.

– Reaching the ideal cake release, raw material has glazed or calandered finish or monofilament threads are woven among multifilaments.

– Avoiding shrinkage caused by high temperature, raw material has heat set treatment.