Belt press

Role of belt presses is dewatering the slurry as part of the environmental protection technology. Part of the waste water come from industrial technologies is conveyed back into the system for reuse, which leads to a more economic operation, while rest of it is conveyed into the chanel. Since the slurry of different industries has different parameters (solid content, particle size, PH value,) the requirements toward them also differ. As Clear Edge has a vide range of filter material, always the proper type can be chosen for all application. In order to achive the required solid content combined with sufficient filtration Clear Edge manufactures its belt presses of fibers with different thickness and weave construction. Their standard width are adjusted to the equipment used in specific industry, so economic production can be reached with minimal waste material. Numerous well known OEM run their equipment with belt presses of Clear. Endless joining of the belts is made by special plastic or steel clasps. This procedure takes place in our workshop. These clasps are fitted with special artificial resin in order to reach a longer service life. Side reinforcement in lengthwise also prolongs lifespan of the belt. Our belts are used nationwide in chemical-,food-, metal industry and during particle board production.In addition to sewage water treatment, we offer drying belts, steam sterilizer belts and so called spiral belts for paper industry.