As the sole representative of the German Clear Edge we are at our customers’ disposal with comprehensive selection of screen fabrics with high quality.

Monodur woven mesh fabrics offered by our company meet the demands of various industries(e.g. chemical industry, fishery, well-drilling) and special requirements of milling industry, furthermore have optimal efficiency and maximum lifespan.

Monodur meshes have two groups:
Based on their material:

-Polyamide (most common))

Based on their strength:

MONODUR PA light: Made from filaments of small diameter, and therefore used where there are low mechanical impact while high extraction level is necessary (e.g. blood, oil).
MONODUR PA normal: Most common type, ensures excellent abrasion resistance and long service life.

MONODUR PA heavy duty: Strongly abrasive products (e.g. feed, mineral, salt, abrasive dust, debris) have a great impact on the fabric consequently heavy duty version has been developed. Filaments with big diameter ensure long lifespan.

MONODUR screen fabrics are available in various selection of mesh openings with fast delivery from stock.
There are two main procedures in the milling industry: grinding and separation. For these tasks our company offers wide range of mesh fabrics and other accessories.